In 2015, Crosby Excavating had the privilege of working with the City of New Haven on two separate projects:  street improvements in several locations and the sanitary sewer work along Hartzell Road. As these projects have reached completion, Crosby Excavating was pleased to receive a note of praise from the Assistant Director of Engineering with the City of New Haven.

I just wanted to thank you for all the work that Crosby did this year for the City of New Haven, not just for the work, but the workmanship, speed, dedication, and professionalism of your company and employees. With any issues that may have been perceived in the beginning of the street project, I understand how hard Crosby worked in order to resolve that, and any other issues that may have arisen. While I’m at, I want to give props to all the Crosby employees that I worked with this summer. All were very professional, reliable, and capable. Crosby Excavating has put a lot of hard work into becoming the company it is today and it shows. Crosby Excavating is definitely a leader in the field of construction and excavation. I hope to have more jobs with Crosby Excavating this summer and in the future.  - Tye A. Campbell, Assistant Director